Choosing a gun...or ammo...

I was brought up in a non-gun household in New Jersey. My father was pretty much a no gun kind of guy. (Despite the fact that his grandfather was a Paris Expo award winning shooter). So we didn't have guns.

Years later, I decided that I wanted to shoot, and asked my gunner Brother In Law, Mike Bravo,  to help me learn and decide what gun to shoot. When I asked him "What gun should I get?" His answer was perplexing to me, he told me to decide on ammo, and then find a gun I liked that shot that ammo. It seemed backwards to me then, but now I understand what he meant.  Let me help you out by telling my story, and hopefully saving you a ton of cash and grief.

N82 Holster!

My N82 holster just came in the mail.

Looking forward to testing it and writing a review. I put my Model 60 into it to sent how it felt, and it is extremely comfortable. Probably the most comfortable holster I have ever tried.