Taurus Tracker 22LR

They say that  every gunner should have a .22 for plinking and practice. I heartily agree.

My 22 trek began with a Sig Mosquito, that didn't have a long stay in the safe. On the first day out, it constantly jammed and FTE'd. I flirted with a Walther P22, but never found one that spoke to me. I found a Browning Buckmark that I liked in the store, it just didn't fit my hands right at the range..

I purchased a single action 357, and loved the way a revolver shot, I ended up trading the Buckmark for a Ruger Single Six. I have to say that the single six shot beautifully. There was absolutely nothing wrong with it, except loading and reloading a single action 22 is a real pain in the neck.

I ended up getting a double action revolver, and traded the Single Six for the Tracker. 

The Tracker had a similar manual of arms and feel as my 686, so it seemed like a natural for a 22 version of my 686. 

The Tracker is huge for a 22. It feels way overbuilt for 22LR, but the revolver fits well in the hand, and balances well. It is a 9 shot, which is nice, since it means more time giggling, and less time loading. The Tracker has a deep blued finish, which looks great. It is a fingerprint magnet, but my greasy prints are easily wiped away with a rag or handkerchief.

One side of the barrel is engraved with the Taurus logo. The other has Tracker and 22LR on it. Just so you don't try and jam 38's or something into this gun.

The gun's heft is great for soaking up the recoil from any 22. It honestly feels like shooting a BB gun.  This past weekend, I was dispatching a mole from our yard, and my wife (not seeing what was in my hand) thought I had used an air nailer. Thats how quiet, and un-gunlike this revolver sounds. 

Sights are adjustable, and came previously adjusted. I didn't have to touch them, and I was constantly making tiny groups at 25 yards in single action. Double action pull is decent. I din't notice any serious stacking, the pull was consistent all the way through the way.

As you can see in the pictures above the Tracker 22 is huge (or as they say in Jersey.. UUUUge). Every time I pull it out of the safe, I feel like Dirty Harry... or Joe Piscopo, as Danny Vermin, in Johnny Dangerously (This is an 88 magnum...It shoots through schools...). It fits nicely in the hand, and the Taurus grips, although they remind me of BMX Grips on my Huffy Dirt Bike, are very comfortable. 

The gun is a great trainer for my 686, and does a great job with fuzzy varmints around the ranch. I am very pleased with it, and it will stay in the safe for a while.

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