Spruce Syrup is pretty much THE BOMB!

So last year about this time, I bought "Hunter, Angler, Gardener, Cook", which is an awesome book, I must say. I had heard a lot about foraging and "living off the land". Anxious to try some of the recipes, I found out, all too late, that Spruce tip season had passed us by here in the Gateway O'Maine.

Boo Hoo!

This year, we made sure that we were checking the spruce trees every few weeks to see when the spruce tips were out. Whaddaya know, they are out now!

I took the fur baby for a walk, and ended up by the spruce trees. Boon was tired and laid down and I went to town on the tips. I got about 8 cups of spruce tips and came home and together KT and I made some spruce syrup.

There isnt much to it, which is just fine with me. I'm a huge fan of recipes that require nothing.

BTW, here is the recipe: Spruce Tip Syrup

Tastes great, easy to make. KT made lemonade with it for lunch and my doors were blown.

Guess where we are going this afternoon?

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