Smith & Wesson 60-14 initial review

I'm a revolver guy. I like them better. I think its just part of me and how I'm built.

My brother in law, Mike Bravo, is a 1911 guy, I'm not a huge fan.

Anyhoo... A revolver is my EDC.

The object of this post is the 60-14. I suppose that you, dear reader, know something about the 60-14. It is a stainless J Frame, 357, 5 shot revolver. It has a 2 inch barrel. Mine is a little different than the stock 60-14 (hereafter simply referred to as the 60), with a non fluted barrel.
my 60-14

Why did I opt for the non fluted, well, I think it looks cool, and when I went to buy a carry gun, my options in the used 357 were a fluted, magna ported 357, and a non fluted, non ported 357. I wasn't convinced that the magna porting would do anything, so I got the non fluted. I've always liked the non fluted look, it kind of has a futuristic look for me, I guess.
The Other Side

I'm a big guy. I'm 6' 4" and around 250. I have long hands, not nessicarily meaty huge ham hands, but as my wife is done of saying, elegant hands. Many of the pocket carry revolvers are small, and they have the "2 finger grips" that leave your pinkie finger hanging I the breeze. This 60 has a nice full combat grip. 3 fingers on the grip equals more control in my opinion. Enough about me, like you care, you came to read about my gun. The 60 conceals really well. I have been carrying it IWB in a Bianchi 100 Professional Hip Holster , and in my front pocket in a pocket holster. Even with the larger combat grips, I haven't had any issues with the butt sticking out of my pocket or printing weirdly. In fact the first day I carried it, my wife didn't even realize it was on, until she hugged me.

In my hand.

mmmm 357.

I wish that I could get to the range more than I do, but I have to be happy with my once a week trip to the range.

For my first range trip with the 60, I brought about a hundred rounds of hand loaded 38 and 357 158gn semi wad cutter, wadcutter, and JHP rounds. The range I shoot at has a 25 yard target, if nobody is there, I sometimes practice at shorter distances. I had about 20-30 rounds at 10-15 yards before some other guys showed up, and the rest of the session was at 25 yards.

yes, its a Smith

In single action, the pull was quite crisp and light. Groupings were nice and tight. But that is part of the beauty of a revolver, shooting in single action is a dream. I was shooting at xxx targets, and in single action, I was making nice groupings at all distances.

Why does a US made gun have Spanish on it?

 Double action isn't super heavy at all, I do not have a trigger pull measurement device, other than the old "it's heavy" or "it's not heavy" of my mental scale. The double action trigger isn't heavy. It stacks qniceley and braks crisply, pretty much like any other Smith & Wesson trigger I have experienced. Shooting double action requires more practice in my part. Right now I'm shooting a little high and right. Being a left handed shooter, I've been led to believe that this is some trigger finger placement. Looks like I have something to work on, oh shucks, another excuse to go to the range.....

Overall, I like this gun a lot. It feels great in my hand. It seems like Rick Moranis got a hold of my 686 and shrunk it. I had handled a 2" 686 in my search and it felt great, but was waaaaaaaay to huge for pocket carry.

my 2 Cent front sight job

There is probably a lot of discussion about having 5 shots vs. 6 shots in a carry piece. I guess that I felt that 5 was more than likely enough in any situation I might realistically be in. I live in Maine, in a small town, we don't have a whole lot of call for extended gunfights here in the Gateway O'Maine. I also pray that I never have to pull out this except to train with. 5 shots of 357 seems more than adequate for my needs, and the 6 shot cylinders are really to big for concealed carry. Overall, I like this 60 a lot. Look for an update in a month or so.

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  1. I have a Model 60-7 in .38SP. It has a 3" barrel. I had a pocket holster made for it. I am saving it for my granddaughter.

  2. Mine looks like it but has S&W 'bananna' stocks.

    Sighted dead on with DPX Cor-Bon ammo!

    Real good gun for when things go 'bump' in the night.

  3. The model 60 is the perfect EDC for me. It shoots 38 well, and the -14 can do 357, which is a bonus.

    I upgraded the grips to wooden combat grips and will post pics soon.

  4. It's not Spanish. It's Latin...
    Mine is with me all the time, it's my MO.....more Latin

  5. Dear columnist, I loved your article, your comments are technically successful and his style reveals her passion for guns and his love for the model 60 S & W. I tell him, I'm buying a S & W Model 60-9 is equal to his, with the small difference that mine has a fluted barrel.
    Thank you for your good article and photos, to enjoy.
    See you soon,
    Take care,
    Ale Pera