Taurus Tracker 22LR

They say that  every gunner should have a .22 for plinking and practice. I heartily agree.

My 22 trek began with a Sig Mosquito, that didn't have a long stay in the safe. On the first day out, it constantly jammed and FTE'd. I flirted with a Walther P22, but never found one that spoke to me. I found a Browning Buckmark that I liked in the store, it just didn't fit my hands right at the range..

I purchased a single action 357, and loved the way a revolver shot, I ended up trading the Buckmark for a Ruger Single Six. I have to say that the single six shot beautifully. There was absolutely nothing wrong with it, except loading and reloading a single action 22 is a real pain in the neck.

Smith & Wesson 60-14 initial review

I'm a revolver guy. I like them better. I think its just part of me and how I'm built.

My brother in law, Mike Bravo, is a 1911 guy, I'm not a huge fan.

Anyhoo... A revolver is my EDC.

The object of this post is the 60-14. I suppose that you, dear reader, know something about the 60-14. It is a stainless J Frame, 357, 5 shot revolver. It has a 2 inch barrel. Mine is a little different than the stock 60-14 (hereafter simply referred to as the 60), with a non fluted barrel.
my 60-14

Ribs, oh yeah!

A couple of years ago, I entered the Mainely Grillin and Chillin BBQ Festival in Eliot, Maine, also known as the Maine State BBQ Championships. I enteerd with my dad. We both make some pretty good BBQ, and wanted to see where we stood.

It was a great learning experience.... Cooking at home for fun is a very different beast than cooking in competition. My Ribs and Pulled Pork showed for it, since I came in DFL for both. Our chicken was bad, but I blame that on equipment, although I dont think we DFL'd on that one... someone made worse chicken than we did. My dad's Brisket came in 7th, which was good. He forgot to bring his usual Beef rub, and ended up using my Pork Rub, it came out great. I havent barbequed since then until this weekend.

Spruce Syrup is pretty much THE BOMB!

So last year about this time, I bought "Hunter, Angler, Gardener, Cook", which is an awesome book, I must say. I had heard a lot about foraging and "living off the land". Anxious to try some of the recipes, I found out, all too late, that Spruce tip season had passed us by here in the Gateway O'Maine.

Boo Hoo!

This year, we made sure that we were checking the spruce trees every few weeks to see when the spruce tips were out. Whaddaya know, they are out now!

I took the fur baby for a walk, and ended up by the spruce trees. Boon was tired and laid down and I went to town on the tips. I got about 8 cups of spruce tips and came home and together KT and I made some spruce syrup.

There isnt much to it, which is just fine with me. I'm a huge fan of recipes that require nothing.

BTW, here is the recipe: Spruce Tip Syrup

Tastes great, easy to make. KT made lemonade with it for lunch and my doors were blown.

Guess where we are going this afternoon?

CB's 357

I think we all have had a gun that got away. If its not a gun, the it's a guitar, or a car, or whatever it was that was our passion.

I grew up in  New Jersey, I moved up to New England as a young teen and was pretty much not raised around guns. I never held one, My Dad's step sister was a sheriff in New Jersey, that was about as close as I got to a gun.

I moved to maine and got married to an amazing Maine girl. My new brothers-in-law all spent a week "up to camp" each year. They always asked me to go, but I politely declined. About 2 years ago, it got into my mind to learn how to shoot a gun. My brother in law took me out to a dirt pit and taught me how to shoot with a .22. I moved up to a shotgun and then a proper rifle. I loved shotgunning and rifle-ry (is that a word?) and ended up buying my own guns, and all the accouterments that go along with shooting and hunting.