N82 Tactical Holster Review

I had planned to write this huge long post about the N82 Tactical IWB holster. Who knows, this may turn into a long post.

For those of you dear readers who just want the straight dope, it is the most comfortable evah!

As a new CCW holder, the psychological weight of carrying a loaded gun in my pants is huge. I can really feel it, I feel it sticking out... I feel it sitting in the car... at my desk ... in the yard doing work around the Ranch. On one hand having a loaded weapon in your trousers is no small affair. On the other hand, I want to be comfortable carrying. If it is not comfortable, I am less inclined to do it, and therefore my gun will not be there if and when I need it.

I decided to try the N82 holster after seeing The Yankee Marshall on YouTube wax poetic about the holster. I had a crossbreed holster for my M&P, but never really liked it. It always felt like it was "there", if you know what I mean.

I had been using a Bianchi IWB holster, which was pretty comfortable. The N82 blows it away. This thing is so comfortable you can sleep with it on. If I had one small complaint it would be that the Professional Line is not available in a Left Hand configuration for J-Frames. So I have the standard holster. No biggie, I would prefer the polycarb over the trigger, but the stretchy material it is made out of seems fine and I have not had any issues with it whatsoever.

Bottom line

  • It comes on and off quickly.
  • It stays put.
  • It feels safe.
  • It is comfortable on my bare skin or with a Tee Shirt.
  • The one clip design allows it to work with all my pants and shorts.
I heartily recommend the holster. The fine folks over at N82 are friendly and helpful. It is made in America, by nice people, you order it, and it arrives quickly, with a bunch of nice pamphlets and stickers. 

What more could you ask for?

Old Man Tactical

I'll admit it, it is OK. You can admit it too... You got sucked in to the tactical fad in some way. You bought some 5.11 pants...maybe you put a rail light on a gun...Assisted open knife (you wanted that Halo automatic knife that Jack Bauer had in 24... but it is illegal in your state too).

A few months ago, I was going through my knives, I had a bunch... one to match each mood... and said  Enough is Enough. It occurred to me that it was most prudent to realistically think about how I have had to use knives over the course of my lifetime and how I would be realistically using them for the rest of my life. I have never HAD to flick open a knife one handed while hanging from a belay line. I have not had to quickly open a knife to get into a back-alley knife fight. You probably have not either.

Old guys have already done all the real world testing for us. If it did not work, old guys wouldnt be using it.

So I sold most of my knives. I kept a Benchmade that I love, and one Kersshaw. I bought a Case Canoe knife. It came razor sharp, and has stayed that way for the past 3 months.
Case Canoe Knife

I have used it pretty much every day. It came with a cool etching of an indian in a canoe on it, but after I used the knife to open a few dozen packets of chlorine pool shock, and it was covered in rust and tarnish from the chlorine (Note to you gentile readers, DO NOT USE A NICE KIFE WITH CHLORINE). I polished it with some MAAS, and the etching came off... but so did the tarnish and rust.. so I can not really complain.

Here 'tis....Open

Mike Bravo kids me whenever I pull out that Case knife, that it takes me 2 seconds (and 2 hands) to open it, but it works for me.

This is kind of spilling over into other parts of my life.... The autoloaders are gone, replaced by revolvers and lever actions... The 5.11 pants are being exchanged for some real pants that, although they may be lacking in tactical pocketry, are oozing with "I am not an operator and therefore not a threat"-isity.

I think I'm moving forward with some old man tactical...

Choosing a gun...or ammo...

I was brought up in a non-gun household in New Jersey. My father was pretty much a no gun kind of guy. (Despite the fact that his grandfather was a Paris Expo award winning shooter). So we didn't have guns.

Years later, I decided that I wanted to shoot, and asked my gunner Brother In Law, Mike Bravo,  to help me learn and decide what gun to shoot. When I asked him "What gun should I get?" His answer was perplexing to me, he told me to decide on ammo, and then find a gun I liked that shot that ammo. It seemed backwards to me then, but now I understand what he meant.  Let me help you out by telling my story, and hopefully saving you a ton of cash and grief.

N82 Holster!

My N82 holster just came in the mail.

Looking forward to testing it and writing a review. I put my Model 60 into it to sent how it felt, and it is extremely comfortable. Probably the most comfortable holster I have ever tried.


Taurus Tracker 22LR

They say that  every gunner should have a .22 for plinking and practice. I heartily agree.

My 22 trek began with a Sig Mosquito, that didn't have a long stay in the safe. On the first day out, it constantly jammed and FTE'd. I flirted with a Walther P22, but never found one that spoke to me. I found a Browning Buckmark that I liked in the store, it just didn't fit my hands right at the range..

I purchased a single action 357, and loved the way a revolver shot, I ended up trading the Buckmark for a Ruger Single Six. I have to say that the single six shot beautifully. There was absolutely nothing wrong with it, except loading and reloading a single action 22 is a real pain in the neck.

Smith & Wesson 60-14 initial review

I'm a revolver guy. I like them better. I think its just part of me and how I'm built.

My brother in law, Mike Bravo, is a 1911 guy, I'm not a huge fan.

Anyhoo... A revolver is my EDC.

The object of this post is the 60-14. I suppose that you, dear reader, know something about the 60-14. It is a stainless J Frame, 357, 5 shot revolver. It has a 2 inch barrel. Mine is a little different than the stock 60-14 (hereafter simply referred to as the 60), with a non fluted barrel.
my 60-14